BBQ Cleaning

Our Comprehensive BBQ & Oven Cleaning Services- Putting Safety and Efficiency First!


Our comprehensive BBQ cleaning services will bring your BBQ back to life!
Our comprehensive BBQ cleaning services will bring your BBQ back to life!

Don’t compromise your BBQ experience with dirty, hazardous equipment. Let the friendly team at BBQ Hero take care of all your barbeque cleaning needs today!

We start with a full assessment of your BBQ and complete a service report. We will discuss with you any BBQ repairs or parts that need replacing – many are able to be done on the spot.

In just two hours, BBQ Hero will have your barbeque looking fabulous and ready to fire.

The steam cleaning system operates at 140 degrees and only uses 1.5 litres of water. Using the steam and natural cleaning agents we 
eliminate grease, germs and bacteria. We finish by making sure you are 100% happy that your BBQ operates and looks as good as possible!

BBQ Hero will make your stainless steel BBQ shine like new. No other BBQ cleaning system rivals BBQ Hero’s quality service and exceptional results.

We also offer oven, stove top and range hood cleaning services. If required, our BBQ Heroes can also provide Kosher cleaning and servicing of BBQs, ovens and range hoods for a minimal fee.

We operate in Melbourne in Victoria, as well as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in Queensland.

Call us today on 1300 399 218 to enjoy a clean, safe BBQ!

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