A Clean BBQ is safer for your family and cooks better tasting food!

“Look before you Cook
A great advertisement promoting BBQ safety by Energy Safe Victoria


  • Health


    Reduce carcinogens in your food

    Fats and charred food often remain in the barbeque after use. Each time these fats & charred food are reheated, your food is exposed to more heterocyclic amines, which are thought to cause cancer (Harvard Health Publications 2007).

    The build-up of fat and charred food is the major cause of flare ups on your barbeque. These flare ups mean that parts of the meat become overcooked and charred. The eating of overcooked or burnt meat is associated with increased risk of cancer (Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

  • Safety


    Reduce the risk of fires

    More than half the injuries sustained from gas use each year involve domestic barbeques (MFB of Victoria). Barbeques are fire risks because:

    • Gas connections are loose or have deteriorated;
    • Gas bottles are in poor condition or stored incorrectly;
    • Built up fat and oil could catch on fire;
    • Components of the barbeque may not be working correctly.

    Australia fire authorities recommend removing excess fat from barbeques and getting your barbeque serviced regularly.

  • Convenience

  • Convenience
  • Easier to keep clean
  • With your barbeque restored to its absolute best, it will be easier to keep clean and your food will taste better. This will give you greater confidence in using the barbeque and serving your favourite recipes to family and friends.
  • We provide you with tips on how to keep your barbeque in good shape between services. This means you will avoid the mad dash to make the barbeque usable when you decide to enjoy a barbeque with friends or family.