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BBQ Hero provides residential bbq, range hood and oven cleaning services in many locations around Australia -Melbourne, BrisbaneSunshine Coast, and Gold Coast.

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BBQ Cleaning Expert Kane Noy cleans plates in tub
BBQ cleaner finished with clean grills, grates, plates, stand, side trays and hood

•             Cleaning of the hotplate, grill and roasting hood

•             Cleaning of the inside and outside of the BBQ, including cabinets

•             Unblocking the burners and making sure they are all working properly

•             Cleaning of the drip tray and replacement of the granules

•             Checking the igniters and other parts to make sure it’s in good order

•             All the cleaning materials are non-toxic and biodegradable

•             Use of drop sheets on the ground to make sure no grease gets onto the deck / paving

•             It’s a very professional service that brings your BBQ back to life

•             The clean and service generally takes anywhere from 2 – 3 hours