Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I go to BBQ Hero for my BBQ & oven cleaning needs?

At BBQ Hero we provide the most comprehensive clean and service that you’ll ever come across. We have a range of friendly and dedicated professionals who have years of experience with BBQ, oven and rangehood cleaning. They will come to you, provide a full assessment of what you require, then roll up their sleeves and get the job done!

We use only the best equipment and all of our materials are non-toxic and biodegradable, making for a thorough yet safe clean every single time.

Q: How much time does your technician need to do a full clean and service?

It depends on the size of the BBQ or oven. We would usually set aside 2-3 hours per appliance for a comprehensive clean and service.

Q: What else do you clean aside from BBQs and ovens?

Our technicians are also trained to clean range hoods and stove tops (at additional costs to customers).

Q: Do you clean the cabinets?

We clean the cabinets that are directly attached to the BBQ unit (cabinets directly underneath the BBQ unit). We ask however that they be emptied before the clean.

Q: Do you replace gas bottles or gas hoses or fix anything gas related?

No, we do not replace gas bottles. We can replace flexible gas hoses, but not anything with a fixed gas line nor can we convert between LPG and natural gas. For these, it is best to contact a qualified gas man or plumber.

Q: Can you clean the BBQ off-site and bring it back when it’s clean?

We clean on-site for convenience.

Q: Can you ensure that our decks or tiles are kept clean during the clean?

If the concern is keeping the deck or tiles clean, our technicians use a drop-sheet on their work surface to keep from getting the deck or tiles dirty.

Q: Can you clean on apartment balconies?

Yes, we can clean on balconies.

Q: How do you dispose of waste and water?

Our technicians are trained to dispose of any debris or water from the clean responsibly and will not throw waste or water over a balcony. There is only a small amount of run-off water each time we clean and We tip water into lawns, gardens or directly into drains. Because all our cleaning products are biodegradable and non-toxic, this is perfectly safe.

Q: Are your technicians covered by insurance?

All our technicians are covered by comprehensive Public Liability Insurance.

Q: What cleaning products do you use? How long do I have to wait until I can use my BBQ/oven again?

BBQ Hero technicians only use bio-degradable, non-toxic cleaning products to bring your BBQ/oven to a sparkling and hygienic finish. The products are non-toxic and food-safe, which means not only do they leave your BBQ/oven and kitchen fume-free, but your appliances are also safe for use immediately after the clean!

Q: Do you carry replacement parts?

Our technicians will usually have on hand some spare parts, like burners. To make sure they have your required part in stock for your clean (example, flame guards or new hot plates), let us know when you book so we can order the parts in time for your clean. Replacement parts are charged at an additional cost.

You may also opt to buy your own parts and have it ready for our technician. Additional installation costs may be incurred depending on the time it takes to install the new parts.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We ask for payment on the day. We accept cash or credit card payment (Visa and Mastercard) over the phone upon completion.

Q: How often should I get my BBQ cleaned?

It depends on how much you use it, but we recommend a BBQ Hero service every 6 months to keep it in the best condition possible. For BBQs used more than the household average (1-2 times a week), we recommend a clean every 4 months.

For more information, call us on 0499 048 335 or request a callback!