my BBQ timer- now available through the Apple App Store!

my BBQ timer

A simple, convenient way to BBQ perfectly

My BBQ timer, brought to you by BBQ Hero, is available today!

For those who enjoy a good old fashioned BBQ with family and friends, you can now become the ultimate BBQ guru with my BBQ timer. No more under or overcooking your meat, no more standing around unsure of what to do next! Deliver perfectly cooked meat to the table and win the admiration of all.

My BBQ timer will walk you through grilling, flipping and testing times for all cuts of meat and seafood as well as handy BBQ tips, tricks and maintenance advice all brought to you by BBQ Hero. You’ll be sizzling away all year round thanks to this convenient app.


  • Can use timer on a huge variety of meats including different types of seafood
  • Can measure cooking time of up to 4 different meats in one go
  • Tailors cooking time according to weight and personal tastes for some meats
  • Comes with a set of handy BBQ cooking tips and safety advice
  • Simple and easy to use












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