Oven Cleaning

Don’t Put Yourself and Your Family at Risk with a Dirty, Greasy Oven!

BBQ Hero Oven Cleaning: Before and After

When did you last give your oven a proper clean and service? Does your oven resemble the “Before” picture above?

Dirty ovens can be highly unpleasant in your kitchen. Over time, the buildup of grease and oil inside your oven may lead to the appliance emitting smoke during use.

If you notice that your oven is also emitting a strange or unusual smell, however faint, this is also a sign that your oven needs to be cleaned. Residue on the walls will continue to cook each time you use the oven and this may add unpleasant flavors or odours to your food.

Oven cleaning is not only difficult and time-consuming, but it can also be ineffective if not done correctly.

Our friendly technicians will clean your oven, no mess, no fuss!

BBQ Hero’s oven cleaning service guarantees a comprehensive, hygienic oven clean that produces perfect food. Within two hours, BBQ Hero will use non-toxic, bio-degradable oven cleaning products to remove grease, fat and burnt-on carbon deposits.

Unlike other oven cleaning services, BBQ Hero doesn’t use dip-tanks or high alkali gels. This results in a safe, fume-free kitchen.

Most oven manufacturers- and fire rescue teams- recommend regular oven cleaning to reduce the risk of fat fires and filter corrosion, even for self-cleaning ovens.

Every BBQ Hero technician has completed extensive oven cleaning training and takes pride in what they do, so you can be assured of an amazing clean every time.

Ask us about cleaning your range hood. Built up fat in the range hood filters is also a fire risk. We also clean stove tops.

We have experienced technicians to clean your oven in Melbourne (Victoria) and Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane (Queensland).

 Call now on 0499 048 335 to enjoy a clean, safe oven!

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